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The following journal articles have been added to our publications page:

Grid Quality and Resolution Effects for Aerodynamic Modeling of Ram-Air Parachutes
Ghoreyshi, Bergeron, Seidel, Lofthouse and Cummings, Journal of Aircraft, Vol 53, No 4, July-August 2016
Computational Aerodynamic Modeling for Flight Dynamics Simulation of Ram-Air Parachutes
Ghoreyshia, Bergeron, Jirásek, Seidel, Lofthouse and Cummings, Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol 54, Apr 2016
Vortical Flow Prediction of a Diamond Wing With Rounded Leading Edges
Ghoreyshi, Ryszka, Cummings and Lofthouse, Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol 57, Feb 2016

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