BRC: Malleatus, part 2

The next milestone reached in the continued development of Malleatus was the determination of user input.  As always, we want to provide enough control to the user while not overwhelming them with unnecessary knobs.  I was able to minimize the user input to three values.  The first two control the amount of influence the movement of boundaries have on grid points;  the values must lie between 0.0 and 1.0. The final input controls the unfolding of folded faces algorithm.  Additionally, initial parallelization work has begun.

For this post, I revisited the Onera M6 wing.  I wanted to show solutions obtaining under bending and twisting using the new user input.  The conditions used for the simulation were: M= 0.8395, angle of attack = 3.06 degrees, Pressure = 98,920.475 Pa and T was 300 degrees K.

For the bending case, the wing undergoes bending from 25% of the span to the tip.  The deflection is a quadratic shape.  The maximum tip deflection is roughly 62% of the span.  The simulation shows the wing bend up and then back to the undeformed state.

For the twisting simulation, the tip rotates +/-52 degrees.  Two complete cycles are shown.

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Bob Tomaro

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