Cobalt v7.0 Released

Oscillating Aileron Geometry

Isosurface of Vorticity

Cobalt Solutions, LLC announces the release of Cobalt v7.0, the latest version of their unstructured flow solver.  The changes include a new Overset module along with speed-up in post-processing output and the addition of a few turbulence models.

Cobalt v7.0 introduces a new Overset module which provides improved hole-cuts and improved efficiency. The hole-cut interface is calculated to lie midway between non-cuttable boundaries of overset grids.  The result is a very smooth hole-cut - whether it is a full scale aircraft with tiny gaps in control surfaces or an aircraft with multiple weapons cluster in a weapons release simulation.  The implementation of the module follows the same guidelines as found in the flow solver Cobalt – robust and user-friendly.  The new Overset module is discussed here along with some examples: F-18 JDAM Weapon Separation, Argus Missile Paddle Deployment, Wing/Aileron/Flap.

The output of flow visualization data has been sped-up.  Depending on how many flow variables requested, a speed-up of 2x has been seen in average cases. 

Three turbulence models have been added: Hellsten’s EARSM (Explicit Algebraic Reynolds Stress Model) and EARSM-CC  (CC = curvature correction), and Menter’s SST-SAS model (SAS = Scale Adaptive Simulation).  This brings the total number of turbulence models in Cobalt to sixteen.   The complete list and references can be found in the User's Manual.

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